Casual Pass                                                       $22.00/day pass

Standard Shed membership                          $22/week

FIFO membership                                            $45/week

Holiday Makers or Weekly Pass                     $55/week

On holidays in our gorgeous town? Come join our crazy bunch on a weekly pass!

1 month membership                                     $115

Paid Upfront, no cancellations, no refunds, no 'on hold' period

3 month membership                                     $315

Paid upfront, no cancellations, no refunds and entitled to a 1 week 'on hold' period

6 month membership                                     $580

Paid upfront, no cancellations, no refunds and entitled to a 2 week on 'hold' period

12 month membership                                   $1100

Paid monthly, no cancellations, no refunds and entitled to a 4 week on 'hold' period

Kids Monthly Membership (Age 13-16)        $65

Kids Casual Pass                                         $10


Must commit to 12 fortnightly payments at $44

Cancel any time after all payments are met.


We have HUGE success with couples wanting to come and train together at the club. We have always given discounted rates for them and we will continue to do so...

$75 each

The couple MUST hold a membership at the same time in order to obtain the discount.

If one person drops off for any reason, the other person must move in to the appropriate membership bracket.


$3 per child for a maximum of 1 hour

No bookings EVER!

Creche hours are:

Monday to Friday 830am to 1030am

Saturday 730am to 930am

There is unsupervised creche between 4pm and 530pm where kids just sit in the reception area and cost $0 but the age limit is 4+...


1 person for 30 minutes   $35

2 people for 30 minutes   $40

Can take up to 4 people in a group session charged at $60 for 35 minutes.

Please contact us directly though as we will need to know each persons restrictions, injuries, fitness level, ability and discuss anything else that may hinder performance...

Please warm up and cool down before/after sessions

Sessions start and finish on agreed time.

Please contact The Shed directly for information on all membership enquiries...

Looking for a new gym?

Local resident?

Try us before you commit!

$50 for 4 weeks gives you full access to the club...

Please note: Our third party financial group - Ezidebit - handle all transactions for The Shed.

All charges incured have the following fees applied by the company:

VISA and Mastercard -  2.1% per transaction +GST

Bank Account DD - 90c per transaction +GST

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