Our Crazy Creche Area!

We must admit, we have some of the best kids in our creche and they love it!

They have a tv for kids channels or movies, heaps of toys, own toilet and sink plus a massive window they can see out of if needed - we even have guinea pigs!!

It doesn't matter if your child has NEVER been to daycare or creche before, we have had some crazy kids in our time and we just keep going with it and in the end - the kids love it.

We also take kids over the road to the Busselton Community Gardens to play.

If you do not want your child to go there, just let us know on your creche registration form and that's cool!

If they have allergies to plants or bugs - PLEASE LET US KNOW!

Below are our creche times are rules:

Monday to Saturday mid morning sessions - supervised and to be paid for

Monday to Thursday 430pm to 5pm - supervised, FREE for Shed members or $3 for other crew

Monday to Thursday 5pm to 6pm - unsupervised and no cost for anyone. However, it's the parents responsibility to watch their children don't misbehave in the main area.

  1. Fruit, Veg and Crackers ONLY
  2. 1 hour time limit for children
  3. No bookings EVER!
  • $3 per child
  • FREE for members 430pm - 5pm daily!
MJ Creche.JPG
GP Pic in creche.jpg
Harvey and Creche.jpg
This means, we don't allow any food in the creche that can harm another child that may have allergic reactions to something...
Strictly fruit, veg and rice cracker products only!