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We started this place over 11 years ago and have contunued to grow ever since we weer just a riding studio...

The Shed - SGT is just that... A SHED!
We are in the L.I.A of Busselton oppposite the Community Gardens.
We pride ourselvs on just decent, well thought out, group fitness that is lead by PT's or just really, really knowledagble staff.

The thing is, we wanted to bring afforablitiy as well as a professional trainer, to group fitness so when you do these workouts, not only is the guess work taken from you - your technique is corrercted, you are pushed and if you tell us your goald before you start - we can direct certain movmeents toward you to help you along the way!

Got an injury?
We LOVE working with those and help you get back to fine form.
We even take physio's notes and can wokr alogside them to tailor certain workouts and moves in your sessions.

Pre/Post prenancy?
We have a HUGE paper trail of the mums weve helped along their journey!

New to fitness?
All of our classses/sessions are catered for the absolute beginner ot the biggest athlete.
It just means you will get more attention in class while we help build your confidence/strength up.

Want to know whats on the menu?
Click to the next page and find out...

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